Cannabis Compliance Systems



Cultivation monitoring

 PlantingCannabis Cultivation
• Custom batch ID generation for each new batch of clones created in a cultivation center
• Mother plant clone tracing for easily accessed chain of custody reporting
• Massive storage database for strain data and plant breeding
• Extensive reporting for each batch created including plant destruction, facility location, and staff management
• Easily programmed custom RFID plant tracking tags assigned to each plant to follow through the phases of its cycle
• Custom built digital grow rooms to mimic your buildings that includes user friendly plant location identification within cultivation facilities
• Full plant report generated for each unique RFID tracking tag
• Capacity management for legal limit monitoring
• Wet weight reporting for accurate moisture loss reporting
• Easily programmed custom RFID package tracking tags that easily transfer within software licenses
• Waste reporting for unused plant matter to ensure accuracy of harvest reporting
• Multi-plant harvest batches for staff efficiency and reporting
• Compliance reporting for every change made to a plant, batch, or product


Processing for transportation and sale

• Easily programmed RFID tags assigned to testing samples for lab processing
• Easy interface for import of testing results to be printed with each label
• RFID tags can be easily scanned with barcode scanners or RFID reader for inventory management
• Stored transport criteria for easily generated transport manifests from one facility to another
• Detailed manifest recorded digitally to trace the chain of command for each RFID identified package created.
• Purchase orders, sales orders, and transfers all generated within the software for easy government tracking
• Customizable taxes for freight, excise, sales with real time reporting

Cannabis Compliance
Cannabis Compliance

The future in software designed to
maintain complete regulatory compliance
for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Inventory
Inventory Tracking

RFID inventory counts
Real time On hand

Cannabis Consulting
Cannabis Consulting
Quality consulting-Expert solutions
to businesses that desire to start, or
better their existance in the marijuana industry
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