client testimonials

Casey’s Liquor Store & 110th Street Liquor

The Barnet Group has redefined the way our Liquor store operates. They are leading edge with technology, they have allowed our store to run with less staff at the same time improving accuracy of inventory and efficiency of orders. They work with new ideas to save time and money, we are now able to received orders electronically with our iPad and upload them to our system, what took hours before now takes minutes. They have been wonderful to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ryan Docksteader

Quarterdeck, INN & MARINA RESORT

We have recently installed a new POS system in our Liquor store at the Quarterdeck Resort. Our initial system was crashed at the time so we were in desperate need of a new one right away. Micros systems and Barnet were fast and efficient in meeting our needs to get up and running quickly and more in control of our product and inventory on site. The easy of training with this system was beyond our expectations, our staff and management are thrilled with Micros & Barnet.

B. Hubbard General Manager

John B Pub and Liquor Store, Coquitlam

The John B Pub and the John B Liquor Store have been long term users of Barnet’s POS System .

  • Support has been exceptional and if unable to attend personally it is often dealt with via the internet or help is provide over the telephone.
  • User friendly – both for the staff and also for management. New staff have been complementary in regards to the ease of the tills use.
  • Customized – specific for your needs and operation instead of having to operate a general program with useless and non specific reports.
  • Continuously being up dated and current with market demands and specifications
  • Reliable
  • Reasonably priced in comparison to many of the other POS systems

I can highly recommend Barnet Logic Group Corporation and would happily answer any questions or concerns in regard to the POS Management System what they have to offer.

Lisa Lepinski

Sheraton Inn Liquor Store, Richmond

I am happy with Barnet – Micros Point of sale System, which I have been using for about 2 years now. The system covers all the needs for Liquor Store managing. Point Of sale system is friendly and easy to use. Barnet POS Manager includes automatic price changes, smart ordering, receiving, operations and statistics reports, inventory control system, customer loyalty and other modules.

Support is excellent… All my calls are answered promptly… I will not hesitate to recommend Barnet-Micros POS System for your Liquor Store.

James Reid

Saturna Island Winery, BC

We have installed Micros-Barnet System in our Wine shop and Bistro one year ago. Micros hardware is proved to be very reliable and easy to maintain. Barnet group is an innovative software company, which offers not just regular POS System, but the one which helps to run our business in more efficient way. E-commerce solution, Inventory Control, Online Customers subscriptions / Newsletters features, mobile solutions are available for us and integrated with POS. I will recommend Micros-Barnet POS System as perfect Winery POS Management Solution. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Micros-Barnet POS System.

Winemaker & Business Manager
Homan Haftbaradaranr

River's Bend Winery, Surrey

The Barnet POS system has been a great decision for our winery. Of course any computer code can be rewritten or customized, but when you really need those changes or support, it's the people who are involved that make the experience good or bad. Olena and her team at Barnet have been very simple, easy, and pleasant to work with. They always answer the phone, and have accommodated all our custom requests in a very reasonable time period. Barnet is everything a business partner should be.

GM - River's Bend Winery
Stephen Scheibel