Cloud Technology in Action

BarnetPOS Cloud Technology in action

There has been a lot of discussion over the advantages of switching from the traditional point-of-sale system to a cloud-based versions.

Key benefits of cloud-based POS The biggest benefit is clients can access important data via multiple channels. Our cloud-based services offer easily accessible Web Desks and iPad/iPhone apps to access live sales, inventory,receiving, etc. data from your fingertips. These services run from web-based reporting that lets you manage your POS from anywhere. Another key benefit is instant upgrades. We keep your cloud-based POS updated with new technologies and security requirements needed as they comeinto effect. Also, our Head Office management Loyalty programs, gift cards, payments and rewards all seamlessly integrate into the newer technology cloud platforms.

Barnet's cloud platform POS systems are offered on a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) basis. SaaS is a partnership model in that you pay for your POS services in a monthly fee rather than one large, bulk fee. These monthly fees cover software, support, backups, future upgrades as well as till system hardware where applicable.

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about us

BarnetPOS Systems Corp. (BPS) is a software development company with 25 years of experience in Point of Sale (POS) Management Systems and development. We provide powerful Management Systems, including POS hardware and POS software and Invenrory solutions based on Client needs using the latest, leading-edge technology. BPS service includes consulting, customization and

We provide Point Of Sale Management, Inventory Control and Customer Loyalty Systems for:

  • - liquor sales (liquor retail, wineries, breweries, etc.)
  • - f&b (restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc.)
  • - grocery/convenience stores and gift shops
  • - fashion outlets
  • - wholesale industry

While our systems suit and are in use across many different business models, we specialize in next generation solutions for the Liquor and F&B industries. The liquor industry is one of the most organized and regulated segments. We know how these industries work and considers ourselves experts in the field with in-depth knowledge of inside processes, management and control models.

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