Set the category information for all products in that category. Categories are contained in Groups which are contained in Condensed Groups.

For example, the sample “US White” is in the Wine Group along with all the other wines and in the “Liquor” Condensed Group along with all other liquor products.

All products in this category have the GST and SST tax’s included in the selling price and the GST tax included when purchased. There is a special 5% discount applied to the selling price from 11/01/2003 to 11/30/2003 and there is a standard discount of 19.521% applied to the cost when purchasedYou can set all products in this category to Service ( items you don’t want to count), LRS flag ( Reporting to the Licensee Report for BC), and Bottle Return/Paid ( items that flow into the store when you sell them)

Important: The information applies to all products in that category. Use different categories for similar products that require different parameters.

Hint: The Discount box is a very easy way to implement a dated price change.

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